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A Star Cross-over event of Biblical Proportions arises when the boundaries between worlds crack open and Tartarus itself enters our reality. It will take Heroes from ALL universes to triumph over impending doom!


Characters crossing over from many titles including G.O.D., Tribulation Taskforce, Red Talon, Ebon Guard, Phantom Lion, and Corn Dog. Also featuring characters from outside, indie comic companies, including Aspyre Comics, Punt Press, Rugged Cross Comics, and characters Gun Ghoul, The Symbol, American Knight, Hybrids, Silver Saint, with more to come in following issues.

Full of Action and mystery, this is a comic event that you won't want to miss!


Writer: Joe Spicer, Co-writer: Mike Ewert, Artist: Brian S. Dawson.

28 pages. Full color.

Biblical Proportions #1


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