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Issue #1 is all about Lenny Conrad and his transformation to Phantom Lion. He is a photojournalist on a business trip with his son, Dylan. He is investigating the African Lion, but then after a flat tire, things start going south. 


Lenny experiences major trauma in Africa and suffers from amnesia due to PTSD. He must work to remember his past and his family. What happened to Dylan during the lion attack?


Find out how he comes to be mentored and trained by the wise and unstoppable Mwamba, leader of the village, Mbinguni, in Tanzania, Africa. See how he comes to grips with his lion powers, his healing ability and how he learns to wield the bo staff.


Mwamba is hiding a secret in his village that has been passed down through the generations but is only hinted at in this issue. ...and who is Mashaka and why does he attack Mbinguni? 

The world thinks that Lenny Conrad, world-famous photojournalist, has died. What will happen when Lenny realizes who he is and what he has lost?


Written by: Kerry King

Art: Jeff Batista

Phantom Lion #1 (Action)


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