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This is a Chrome-reflective cover version.


Parables will tell the self-contained s, single-issue stories of Tribulation TaskForce's most popular members.

Issue one starts off with our most enigmatic member...The Thief In The Night!


Eli "Royalty" Caldwell had it all. A successful Mixed martial arts career, money, and girls, but when tragedy strikes his family, he is forced to re-evaluate what is important in life. Out of the chaos, a hero is born!

Written by: Bill Raupp  Art: Rully Akbar and Luis Rivera


The backup story introduces The Silent Knights! Written by Star Cross Comics founder Joe Spicer, the story follows the most fierce mercenary force in the Tribulation TaskForce universe! Featuring stunning artwork by Brian Dawson!!

Virgin CHROME Tribulation Taskforce: Parables #1 (Action)


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