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About Us

Star Cross Comics is an innovative independent publishing venture committed to showcasing compelling and thought-provoking comic books created by exceptionally skilled creators from around the world. Our mission at Star Cross Comics is to cultivate a rich universe of stories, spanning all genres.

As a devoted indie publisher, we focus on promoting high-caliber comic books and series that captivate audiences across various regions. Our dedication lies in bringing forth the latest creations from both established and emerging talents, making these artistic marvels accessible to enthusiasts worldwide.


At Star Cross Comics, we believe in fostering a community that not only connects fans with creators but also actively contributes to the burgeoning expansion of the dynamic Star Cross universe.


Our Mission is to empower creativity and embrace a range of artistic expressions, and to curate an extraordinary collection of comic books that transcend boundaries and resonate with an audience spanning different corners of the world. Through collaboration and a shared passion for storytelling, we strive to build a vibrant community of creators dedicated to expanding the boundless possibilities within the Star Cross universe.


The Staff Along with our CEO Joe Spicer, our family of creators consists of Evan David, James Nguyen, Shaun Davis, Adrian Fernandez, Nicholas Geer, Daniel Warschkow, Radames Malave', Gary Shelton Jr., Ken Keller, A.J. Kinkade, & Darren Brady.

Friends of Star Cross:

Apogee Comics Nick Garber

Aspyre Comics Gabriel Dill

The Powerverse Vince White

Alpha Dog Studios WIll Caligan 

Dynamic Sketch's Archie Cunningham, 

Puppy Grenade's Jacob Elijah, 

Planet Thundersnow's Andre Kaye.

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